Re-greening Radisson Blu, Heathrow

This Re-greening Radisson Blu project involved the greening of an existing bitumen rooftop overlooked by hotel rooms, creating a beautiful green outlook for clients whilst also helping to attenuate water in an area with little remaining green space.

 Re-greening Radisson Blu at Heathrow project

Access to the roof was through a busy working hotel which could have been an issue were it not for the highly portable shape of the specially-designed M-Trays®. They are easily transported to site by pallet and can then be stacked neatly onto a parcel trolley. Each M-Tray® unit is self-contained and needs no additional aggregate which means zero disruption, zero mess.

Re-greening Radisson Blu Hotel, Heathrow

The M-Trays® were taken up onto the roof itself using a mini genie lift and slotted into position in a matter of hours. They were then dressed around the edges with gravel.

Re-greening Raisson Blu at Heathrow

Radisson Blu Hotel, Heathrow green roof