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Re-greening apartments next to congested A4, London

Luxury apartment block regretting in West London

The re-greening of a 1940s, West London, luxury apartment block refurbishment continued with two more garage roofs completed in quick time by The Urban Greening Company.

The 25 sq.m of sedum roof, added to a 30 sq.m. installation earlier in the year, all help to improve the water attenuation in the heavily populated and traffic congested area of Barons Court.

The project is a continuing development of our working relationship with Mike Barrett of Manorfield UK Roofing and underlines the benefit of independent, professional waterproofers working with like-minded professional green roofers.


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Passivhaus development in Colchester receives green roof treatment

Green roof plugs planted and watering to help them thrive

TUGC has just completed the installation of plug planted green roofs across three blocks of quality dwellings in Colchester, Essex providing 23 new homes, a mixture of one and two bed flats and 17 houses .


Preparing roofs for green roof installation

Preparing roofs for green roof installation

The 800 sq.m. of green space running across the three buildings included an 80-120 mm build-up of substrate and 10,000 plug plants to offer a broad biodiversity, as well as helping to provide sustainable drainage (SuDs).


Start laying base for green roof

Start laying base for green roof

The Jerram Falkus construction includes the refurbishment of a listed Mill which will become a shared space for social, domestic activities, and community events. The design team is led by Anne Thorne, an award winning eco-architect.


Substrate installed and ready for planting

Substrate installed and ready for planting

The buildings are designed and built to ‘Passivhaus’ standards to achieve exceptionally low running costs, sustainable comfort and health.


Colchester green roof plugs await planting

Some of the 10,000 plug plants sitting waiting to be planted to complete the job.

Green Roof improves water attenuation scheme at Middlewood Locks

Completed greenroof at Middlewood Locks, Manchester

A 200 sq.m. green roof has added to the extensive water attenuation scheme at a new apartment development in Salford, Manchester.

Aquaten under substrate

Aquaten under substrate

The sedum roof enhances the detailed landscaping being installed. Both elements include Aquaten fleece which will help to retain an extra 800 litres of water from run-off whilst also making it available for plants, which will be a key feature during the long hot dry spell we have experienced during the last few months.

Laying sedum

Laying sedum

IPS Group carried out the detailed deck waterproofing over the summer.

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Avoid remedial work with regular maintenance

Repair and install irrigation on greenroof Reigate

Part of our summer work has been spent helping recover two large unmaintained roofs – one a 2,000 sq.m. roof on a school in Anglesey, the other being a lovely, 300 sq.m. sloping roof on a church in Reigate. Both needed replacement sedum across areas of the roof and a heavy dose of organic fertiliser to give them a chance of recovery. We also installed an irrigation system on the Reigate church to help the sedum cope with the gradient of the roof.

Repairing greenroof in Angelsey  Repairing Large greenroof Anglesey

Repairing Large greenroof Anglesey

Access was an issue at both sites with no design consideration for roof maintenance, but use of scaffolding towers helped reduce the pain, although seagulls’ nesting at Anglesey created a challenge!

Both sites provide a clear example of the need for regular maintenance to help green roofs fulfil the purpose of sustainable urban drainage (SuDs) and biodiversity in urban environments as well as ensuring they provide a point of beauty for locals.


Re-greening Radisson Blu, Heathrow

This Re-greening Radisson Blu project involved the greening of an existing bitumen rooftop overlooked by hotel rooms, creating a beautiful green outlook for clients whilst also helping to attenuate water in an area with little remaining green space.

 Re-greening Radisson Blu at Heathrow project

Access to the roof was through a busy working hotel which could have been an issue were it not for the highly portable shape of the specially-designed M-Trays®. They are easily transported to site by pallet and can then be stacked neatly onto a parcel trolley. Each M-Tray® unit is self-contained and needs no additional aggregate which means zero disruption, zero mess.

Re-greening Radisson Blu Hotel, Heathrow

The M-Trays® were taken up onto the roof itself using a mini genie lift and slotted into position in a matter of hours. They were then dressed around the edges with gravel.

Re-greening Raisson Blu at Heathrow

Radisson Blu Hotel, Heathrow green roof



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Green wall at House of Fraser, Rushden Lakes


The TUGC boys and girls just spent three days installing a stunning green wall at a new shopping centre at Rushden Lakes. It forms the centre piece of the new House of Fraser store. The Scotscape Landscaping Ltd green wall system, designed by Gary Grant, includes nearly 2,000 plants.

The interior living wall has been designed to impress visitors and to become a prominent feature, to be seen by shoppers using the escalators, with great views from both ground floor and first floor. It takes advantage of the natural light provided by the skylights in the centre of the store. The Green Infrastructure Consultancy has been in discussions with House of Fraser for some time about how plants could be used to improve air quality in their stores for both staff and visitors as well as improving people’s sense of wellbeing.

The living wall brings nature into the heart of the store. The Fytotextile panel system supplied by Scotscape is particularly useful in this location because the living wall curves in front a a steel column – something that would be challenging using rigid plastic panels. The Fytotextile panels are also relatively lightweight – an advantage where a living wall is to be installed without the benefit of a masonry. The House of Fraser wall screens air conditioning ducts and other services.  The new Rushden Lakes development has a strong connection with nature and includes an adjacent boardwalk which overlooks Skew Bridge Lake, part of the Nene Wetlands managed by the Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire.

The specifics of the project are:
Size of Wall: 48m2

Name of Client: House of Fraser

Location:  Rushden Lakes, Northamptonshire

Species used: Adiantum sp, Aglaonema modestum, Asparagus densifolius, Asplenium nidus, Cholorophytum comosum, Maranta leuconeura, Philodendron sp.,Scindapsus sp.,Tradescantia zebrina

Designed by: Green Infrastructure Consultancy

Fytotextile panels supplied by: Scotscape

Installed by: The Urban Greening Company

Irrigation and controls: Verti-Grow

Plants supplied by: Arnott & Mason



Landscaped podium decking at Birmingham Retirement Home

We’ve just completed the installation of 6oo square metres of beautifully landscaped garden on a podium decking at a new development in the heart of Edgbaston – Audley St George’s Place – creating a peaceful area for residents of the 95 luxury retirement properties; as well as aleviating water run-off issues created by the new development.

Nearly all of the materials, including 200 tonnes of soil were moved by hand!


IMG_0714   IMG_0710 IMG_0713

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2500 sq.m. wildflower roof completed in North London

After a some months marching up and down many staircases the Urban Greening team completed this 2,500 sq.m. roof in Walthamstow, North London. The project was estimated to take a few weeks but lack of crane access, high winds and delays in other areas of the project saw the installation run from early February to the beginning of May. But the job, which runs across four separate floors on the seven story student block, was done in the end and our team were fitter for it!


The addition of Aquaten water retentive fleece within the build up will help the wildflower roof survive and do its job particularly if this long running dry spell continues.

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