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The Urban Greening Company products and services

The Urban Greening Company Products list is intended as a guide to the type of installations and services we can offer, from Green roofs and Blue roofs to rain gardens and living walls.. Obviously no one project is the same and our project team will take each installation or request and fully plan and specify it before undertaking any proposed greening work. We can advise on regulations, planning and impact to ensure your project not only goes as smoothly as possible but that it also fulfills the need you intended.

Green Roofs

There are many types of green roof, including intensive (roof gardens), and extensive (low maintenance green roofs) including sedum roofs and biodiverse roofs. We can advise of the most appropriate type of green roof(s) for your building, whether it is new build or retro-fit. We make sure that every roof is designed to meet functional and aesthetic requirements and uses the best quality materials and vegetation.

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Living Wall Installation

Living Walls

No matter what your budget or scale The Urban Greening Company can design, install and maintain a stunning living wall for you, inside or out.

Living walls are a beautiful way to enhance the environment and bring a number of acknowledged benefits – from creating green space to improving the air and the well being of your work or living area.

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Rain Gardens

So many gardens and driveways are being paved over and this is resulting in significantly reducing the amount of natural percolation of rainfall into the water table.

The standard solution to surface run-off has always been to create a series of pipework and divert often contaminated rain into local streams and rivers that often can’t cope with the increased levels of rain. If we channel this water into vegetated areas we can create a series of habitats that can often be linked to create natural wildlife corridors.

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Blue Roofs

Blue roofs are non-vegetated source controls that detain stormwater. Blue roofs are less costly than green roofs and can be applied to areas where green roofs are not sustainable.

Utilising some of the latest Super Absorbent Fibre roofing material we can provide sustainability benefits through major reductions in rainwater runoff to rooftop cooling.

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