April 2022 green roof news

Eco Project Review April 2022

We have been busy in april with many maintenance visits in particular as the weather turns milder and green roofs and wildflower plantings start to grow more vigorously. Here is a brief roundup of some of the highlights.

Irrigation and Green Roof Project – Cornwall.

We have just completed the irrigation works on this stunning new multi-million pound house nestling in the clifftop at Falmouth.

We were commissioned by a local roofing company to install the irrigation under a wildflower blanket. This will help the vegetation in the summer months.

BioSolar Green Roof Maintenance – London.

We carried out the Spring maintenance on this lovely sedum and wildflower Biosolar roof in Holborn today. Integrating the PV panels with the green roof increases the efficiency of the solar panels by up to 5% as well maximising the green space.

These Biosolar roofs are becoming increasingly popular as clients are seeing the benefits of having the PV as well as the green roof which also helps with biodiversity in the City.

Green Roof Maintenance – Fulham Reach.

We recently carried out the Spring maintenance visit at Fulham Reach on the Thames. A stunning example of a green roof which has been cared for by TUGC.

The visit was made extra special when we found a pair of Canada Geese nesting on there! A perfect example of habitat creation by installing green roofs.

Green Wildflower Roof Maintenance – Tavistock.

We carried out the maintenance on a beautiful wildflower roof in Tavistock during the month. We have been looking after this green roof for many years and it is abundant with many wildflower species, with Chives being prolific.

Another great example of how regular maintenance helps living roofs continue to develop well.

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