May 2022 eco news

Eco Project Review May 2022

We have had a busy start to the Summer with a varied selection of projects to work on.  Here is a brief roundup of some of the highlights.

Sedum Green Roof Maintenance – Dorset.

We have been on the South coast maintaining this beautiful sedum roof in the picturesque  Dorset countryside. The vegetation and sedum covering is flourishing well as a result of the continued maintenance provided by our team.

There is a mix of species to provide a shade and drought tolerant blanket that puts on a beuatiful vibrant display all year. If you are looking for a stunning vegetation finish for your roof, a sedum blanket is definately worth considering as this example shows..

Green roof project for Tortoise.

There’s never a dull day and this month we were asked to put a green roof on this new tortoise house… After creating a planting tray we installed a number of colourful plants and shrubs to help keep this distinguished eco home owner cool in the summer!

Terrace Planting – City of London.

Of course not every roof has to be, or is even able to be, a green blanket or living carpet. This balcony terrace in the heart of London needed to be accessible and functional but appealing. Some simple multi-stem Birch planting was all that was needed to bring the balcony and the surrounding view some much needed greenery.

Because birch are shallow-rooted, they prefer a location where the soil remains cool and moist while exposing the canopy to ample sunlight and this balcony provided a perfect location where the trees will receive full sun in the morning and some shade during the afternoon and will be quite at home in their planters.

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