Eco Project Review July 2022

The team have been busy again on maintenance visits this month, taking extra care in ensuring the roofs and other green installations they visit are coping with the extreme heat and are properly irrigated.

Green Roofs in Dorset.

The team carried out a maintenance visit on this beautiful sedum roof in Dorset today. The sedum is in full flower and it was alive with bees. This is what roof greening is all about – creating habitat for our precious wildlife whilst giving the home owners a stunning living roof to enjoy…(and apparently the giraffes!)

Insect pollinators are vital for supporting our food production and for biodiversity, but they face increasing pressures from habitat loss and diseases. Although flowers seem to be visited by a great diversity of insects, the main pollinators are derived from only four insect groups and bees are easily the most important of these in terms of pollination.

In order to sustain a wide diversity of pollinators in the countryside it is vitally important to provide a range of flower resources throughout their active period – between March and September. Green roofs can and do play an increasingly important roll in this, both in the countryside and the city.

Sedum Roof in Kent is Bees’ Knees

We were asked to carry out maintenance this large Sedum roof in Kent this week. The roof is in flower and, as you can see from the video and images in our article here, attracting hordes of honey bees.
 This stunning example just goes to show the importance of urban greening to attract our precious bees and give them somewhere to forage.

As this example shows urban greening is effective, attractive and beneficial to all of us.

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