Green Roofs in the City of London

corporate green roofs in city of London
Despite the financial and political drama unfolding beneath them these last few weeks our team have been busy getting on with maintaing and restoring a number of corporate green roof installations in the City of London to at least bring some calm to those who work there and some much needed urban greening and biodiversity to the city itself.
Some wonderful roof terraces with a view over the city received some TLC from us near the city centre. We regularly maintain these terraces for a corporate client giving the staff a unique spot to relax and socialise and even hold informal meetings.
We were also back to a roof we restored last year for a large city bank. The client has been thrilled with the results of our work and the roof itself is thriving as you can see.
Please contact us if your green roof requires maintenance or remedial work, or you wish to discuss the benefits of installing a green roof on your own offices or building. We are always happy to help and have many years’ experience with the wide range of systems on the market. For information on our Living Roof Installations or maintenance please click the relevant link: