November eco and green roof news

Eco Project Review Nov 2022

Despite the weather our teams have been busy in November braving roofs with many maintenance visits along with some drier living walls.  Here is a brief roundup of a few.

Hospital Green Roof Maintenance – Barnstaple.

At the start of the month we were back at North Devon Hospital for a regular maintenance visit! We installed this green roof 9 years ago on a new chemotherapy unit and have maintained it twice a year ever since.

The roof is a lovely calming sight for the patients to enjoy and with proper care and attention from our team it continues to thrive.

Green Barrel Roof Maintenance – London.

Our team have also been busy this month carrying out maintenance on this individual London property for an architect client. This unusual double-barrel green roof needs regular TLC to keep it looking beautiful, and it does!

Green roofs such as this provide a number of architectural and construction benefits including:

  • Providing better thermal insulation.
  • Acoustic insulation.
  • Lower energy bills.
  • Improving air quality.
  • Alleviate storm water management problems.


Bistech Living Wall – Dorset.

We have completed our monthly living wall maintenance visit for our client Bistech. We installed this three years ago and the office staff have really enjoyed this green addition to the office environment….it’s looking lovely and lush and provides many aesthetic and health benefits.

Benefits of a Living Wall include:

  • Improved work rates & productivity by creating a positive relaxed environment
  • Reduced noise levels and softened acoustics
  • A Green modern image for you or your business
  • Improved air quality


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