New London Living Wall Installation

living wall installation 2022 london
We are thrilled to have been busy installing a living wall and associated planting for a client in London. The installation is well underway over the Christmas period and we can expect this to burst in to life in Spring as the weather improves.
As the plants in this living wall establish and grow they will need ongoing attention, especially early on with the increasingly unpredicatable weather conditions we are currently facing. Regular maintenance is essential and we look forward to helping this installation as the planting becomes established and then thrives.
We are pleased that the client is happy with the results so far. Watch this space to see this exciting project looking amazing next year!
Please contact us if you would like to discuss a living wall installation or your living wall requires maintenance or remedial work. We are always happy to help and have many years experience with the wide range of systems on the market. For information on our living wall installations click here:
living wall and planting london
living wall project london