Frosty Living Roofs

frosty living roofs
It’s been a lot chillier this month to say the least. But our team have been braving the cold and ice to maintain a number of living roofs and other green infastructure as normal around the UK,  including a very frosty green roof at Greenwich University which needed some attention and was certainly a picture in the frost of the morning.
In order to properly care for a living roof in extreme cold weather it is important to make sure that the plants are well-drained and not left in standing water, as this can cause the roots to freeze. If the plants on the roof are not able to tolerate the cold weather, it may be necessary to cover them with a protective layer of mulch or burlap to keep them from freezing. Regular maintenance such as removing fallen leaves, trimming overgrown plants, and removing any snow or ice accumulation can also help ensure the health and survival of the plants.
Our Sedum roofs are very hardy and our roof systems provide excellent drainage to prevent water pooling.
Please contact us if your living roof requires maintenance or remedial work and we are always happy to help and have many years experience with the wide range of systems on the market. For information on our living roof installations and maintenace options click here.