All at Sea with a Green Roof

houseboat green roof
Just to prove there really is no limit to the opportunities for urban greening our green roof team installed this hardy sedum roof 8 years ago on this stunning house boat.
Obviously there are a number of extra factors involved in the decision to install a living roof on a boat. In particular consideration had to be given to the structural capacity of the houseboat. Green roofs can be heavy due to the additional weight of soil, plants, and retained water.
Also, given the waterproofing required for a boat, installing a living roof must be accompanied by a robust waterproofing system to prevent leaks and potential damage or destabilising effects to the houseboat’s interior. And a boat roof is often exposed to some extreme weather even when moored so regular maintenance to keep the living roof in good condition, including pruning, fertilizing, and weed control is essential.
During our planning and discussions with the owners these considerations were taken into account and every year we return to give it a thorough checkup,  some maintenance and keep it looking its best, creating a unique feature the owner’s can be proud of.
No matter how unique your urban greening project please contact us. We are always happy to discuss your plans with you without obligation.
Caracoli house boat London
houseboat with green sedum roof
houseboat with green sedum roof installation