Bees Head Back to School

Bees on school green roof
We are thrilled to have been at a school in Hammersmith over the last few days adding a Sedum roof to an impressive new development at the site.
The new roof looks stunning if we do say so ourselves, but more importantly is also irresistible to the bees who are arriving in droves to visit the flowing plants that have suddenly arrived on their patch. Bees are an essential component of biodiversity. They interact with various plant species, contributing to the reproduction and survival of our diverse ecosystems. By creating habitats that support bee populations, we contribute to preserving biodiversity and maintaining the balance of ecosystems.
What better way to increase green space in our towns and cities while also help educate and connect our younger generations to nature. We look forward to seeing the impact this new roof has in the future as it continues to establish and thrive.
Or please contact us if you have a project or installation you would like to talk to us about. We are always happy to discuss your plans with you without obligation.
bees go back to school on living roof
bees on living sedum roof