Horse-Friendly Green Roofing

green wildflower horse safe roof
Last week saw our team head into the heart of North Somerset’s countryside as they undertook a more unusual transformative project. Against the backdrop of lush meadows and rolling hills, they were tasked with greening the roof of a large new stable block.
They meticulously laid over 50 tons of materials onto the stable block’s roof, including a bespoke wildflower turf and a carefully curated medley of plants and grasses. Most importantly, the overall planting composition was selected to be non-harmful to horses, emphasizing the project’s harmonious blend of nature and functionality.
Throughout the seasons, this new wildflower haven will create a stunning display of colours, inviting local pollinators and wildlife to visit its blossoming display. This thriving habitat will also help the large construction of the stable complex blend unobtrusively into the local countryside in a fine example of sustainable practices and environmental mindfulness.
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horse friendly wildflower stable wildflower roof being installed
view from horse friendly stable green wildflower roof
horse friendly stable green roof installation