New Biodiverse Roof at Harris Rainham Sixth Form

Harris Rainham 6th form biodiverse roof
The team have been hard at work in Rainham over the last few weeks installing what will become a stunning new green biodiverse roof on the new Harris Rainham Acadamy sixth form building.
The team installed a biodiverse roof which will also feature solar panels. Biodiverse construction techniques adhere to the same principles as other green roof systems, incorporating layers for protection, drainage, a filter fleece, and growing medium. However, the surface appearance differs significantly. Vegetation is typically established using native plugs and seeds, with a substrate depth ranging from 80 to 150mm.
The goal of a biodiverse roof is to mimic, wherever possible, the ecological requirements of the local area. The intentionally crafted habitats aim to support a diverse range of plants, birds, animals, and invertebrates. The meticulous design and construction of these habitats play a crucial role in aligning with the objectives of the local Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP). (See below)

What is a Biodiversity Action Plan?

A Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) is a strategic plan designed to promote and enhance the biodiversity of a specific region or area. It typically outlines conservation measures, habitat restoration efforts, and other actions aimed at protecting and fostering the variety of plant and animal species within that locality. BAPs are often developed at various levels, including national, regional, or local, and they involve collaboration among government departments, conservation organisations, and local communities. The goal is to address threats to biodiversity, promote sustainable practices, and ensure the long-term health and diversity of ecosystems.
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Main image courtesy of Noviun Architects
Harris Rainham 6th form biodiverse roof under construction
Harris Rainham 6th form biodiverse roof under construction