Iconic Green Roofs on the Ethelred Estate

Ethelred green Sedum roof London
We have completed our Spring maintenance visit at the Ethelred Estate, Lambeth, where we have been maintaining nearly 4000m2 of sedum living roof for the last 7 years.
Originally installed in 2005 using a Bauder green roof system, the Ethelred Estate in Lambeth underwent what, at the time, was largest green re-roofing project in the country. The benefits then and now are numerous:
  • Reducing fuel bills by keeping homes warmer in winter and cooler in the summer
  • Improved air quality
  • Additional habitat for wildlife
  • Reduced water run-off during heavy rain and storms
  • Reducing the urban heat island effect
The green roofs continue to thrive and inspire and, with careful regular maintainance, will continue to do so for many more years. The green roof project was welcomed and supported by tenants and residents on the estate at the time and credit should be given to those who recognised the need to improve the environment in this central London area at such an early stage.
You can find out more about the original  project and the newer restoration of this amazing project at :
The roofs continue to inspire green projects and wider discussions about the environment within this prominant London area and The Urban Greening Company looks forward to continue maintaining this iconic set of Sedum roofs for many years to come.
Or please contact us if you have a project or installation you would like to talk to us about. We are always happy to discuss your plans with you without obligation.
Ethelred green roof in Lambeth