Blue Roof Maintenance

The principle function of a blue roof is to restrict the rate that water runs off from a structure into storm drains or natural watercourses after a storm or downpour, minimising the impact on water quality, biodiversity and flooding. Recent planning changes in urban environments have made blue roofs essential tools in the battle for sustainability in any new or ongoing development project.

For these reasons it is important to ensure your blue roof is functioning correctly and is regulalry maintained.

Maintenance of a blue roof is critical to the viability to its function, especially after any significant storm, repair work or other event. Our experienced team will:

  • 1. Visulally inspect the outlets to ensure no blockage has occurred.
  • 2. Ensure all drainage holes are clear and free draining.
  • 3.  Inspected and clear each outlet and drain of any build up or debris. All leaf litter should be removed from the roof surface. Debris must be removed from the roof and not simply flushed down rainwater pipes.
  • 4. Cut back tree limbs that overhang the roof to give at least a 1 metre clearance, this will significantly reduce any risk of any blockage to outlets.
  • It is also recommend during maintenance visits to visually inspect the waterproofing system to ensure it is firmly adhered to the detail that it is waterproofing.
blue roof maintenance drainage

Each blue roof  is unique in its maintenance requirements. If you are looking to maintain a rooftop sustainable urban drainage system then please get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

blue roof maintenance drainage