Green Roof Maintenance

The Urban Greening Company has many years of expert knowledge and experience in the maintenance of green roofs and living wall installations and we recommend carrying out Green Roof maintenance on a bi-annual basis.

Our experienced team provide a tailor-made maintenance programme which is normally carried out in spring and autumn. We will carry out the necessary risk assessments and comply with all current health and safety legislation throughout the duration of the work. A full inspection and evaluation is carried out and a bespoke report provided with photographic verification outlining the condition of the planting.

You can read more about a green roof typical maintenance project here:  green-roof-maintenance commission

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How we Maintain your green roof

An Intensive green or “living” roof will require the regular maintenance associated with the planting scheme and landscape design, whereas an Extensive green roof will need only minimal maintenance to ensure that any unwanted species do not become established.

We always advise the inclusion of cost for an initial post-installation maintenance program within any green roof proposal. This ensures that the green roof is handed over in a healthy condition.

Typical  items for inclusion in our living roof mintenance service are:

  • Fertilising – application of a granular, organic slow-
    release fertiliser is essential to provide the plants with
    nutrients enabling them to become hardy enough to
    resist extreme cold, heat and drought.
  • Debris Removal – Removal of all debris and leaves from the roof
    surface, rainwater outlets, chutes and gutters.
  • Plant encroachment – removing excess vegetation that
    is encroaching into areas surrounding rainwater outlets,
    walkways, pebble barriers, gutters etc.
  • Weeding – removal of unwanted vegetation, especially
    saplings etc either by hand or using a ‘weed wipe’.
  • Repairing bare patches – once weeding has occurred,
    bare patches can remain which are covered using
    remaining sedum vegetation from cuttings.
  • Monitoring colour and growth – the vegetation will
    naturally change colour depending upon the time
    of year and prevailing weather conditions. Monitoring
    growth vigour and colour will identify how healthy the
    vegetation is or if it is in need of additional support.
  • Vegetation barrier – Clear the pebble margin of leafs
    and organic matter, remove unwanted vegetation.
  • Promenade tiles or paving slabs – ensuring they are in
    good condition and secure in their original position.
  • Rainwater pipes – free from blockages to enable water
    to flow freely through them
Green roof maintenance
Green roof maintenance
Green roof maintenance

green roof maintenance brochure



Download our Green Roof Maintenance information document (PDF).


The Urban Greening Company are preferred suppliers for Bauder Green Roof installations.

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