Living Wall, Blue Roof & Green Roof Maintenance

Living Wall Maintenance Blue Roof Maintenance Green Roof Maintenance

With the number of green wall, green roof and even blue roof installations increasing in the UK it is important to understand how to care for and maintain these investments. In each case the Urban Greening Company can assess and provide an ongoing or one off maintenace plan depending on your budget and needs.  This is done in consultation with you and is regardless of the make or brand of the original installation. We have years of experience with all major manufacturers and common installation techniques.

Green Roof Maintenance

Green roofs and roof gardensWhilst green roofs are generally self sufficient, like any garden they will require some attention from time to time to stay looking their best and to prevent any long term, more serious issues. A green roof is not only a long term investment but a real asset to abuilding and if it is to continue to deliver environmental and aesthetic benefits it is important to carry out maintenance on a regular basis. How often is dependent on the type and size of the installation but in general we would suggest at least two visits a year.

You can find out more about our Green Roof Maintenance by following this link.

living wall maintenanceLiving Wall Maintenance

As well as installing and maintaining our own living wall projects, our team has an enviable track record for reviving walls and carrying out living wall maintenance for 3rd party installs that have not been maintained correctly. Restoring a living wall system to its original condition is essential for clients who have invested in green walls.

You can find out more about our Living Wall Maintenance by following this link.

Blue Roof Maintenance

blue roof with Bauder specA Blue Roof is designed to slow the release of rainwater into a drainage system over a delayed period of time. This delayed release of  water discharge from the roof at a controlled rate helps to avoid downstream or localised flooding. This is particulalry helpful in urban areas and localities susecptible to flooding. Of course managing large quantites of storm water has its own potential problems. Whilst a blue roof system has no moving or living parts maintenance of a blue roof is critical to its function.  Regular maintenance inspections and, in particular  after any significant weather events, is crucial to the effectiveness and longevity of the system and its structure.

You can find out more about our Blue Roof Maintenance by following this link.


In all cases please feel free to contact us without obligation to discuss your Living wall, Blue Roof or Green Roof maintenance needs. As sustainable  system installers and maintainers we fully understand that every installation is different and will work with you to create a maintenance plan suitable for your installation.