Biophilia within the Bistech offices in Bournemouth. We created this stunning living wall and installed bespoke blob planters for everyone to enjoy.

living wall in the office (biophilia)

 living wall in the office

Living walls are an ideal addition and asset to the work or office space. They are fundamental to good health and well-being.

Biophilia or peoples attraction to nature and natural processes is a core driver in everything we do at TUGC.

The benefits are proven and research shows living walls are an effective way to increase energy levels and reduce stress in the workplace.

They also have the potential of increasing work productivity by 8-11%


staff at bistech lending a hand with the planting

staff at bistech lending a hand with the planting                                                      

Made to order bespoke blob planters were also installed around the office and a variety of fig trees were used to increase green space.

fig tree

a fig tree in place  

one of many planters creating biophilia

one of many planters