Hibernacula Habitat Towers in the city

Hibernacula Habitat Towers and biodiversity in the city

We installed these striking hibernacula habitat towers at St. Alphage gardens next to London wall to encourage bees and invertebrates in the heart of the city of London. The work is part of a rejuvenation project for the historic gardens which are regarded as a site of considerable historic complexity and significance. Bordered by the Roman and Medieval Wall, the gardens are protected as a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

We assembled these special made steel frames and boxes and filled them with various size logs and bamboo shoots to create the habitats. By creating numerous holes ranging between 0-10mm they will attract a variety of species.

Invertebrates are an important source of food for most bigger vertebrates, and help in the biological control of other pests. This maintains the ecological balance in the environment. Along with bees they aid in pollination which is vital for our food supply, decomposition of dead matter, and some are also valuable environmental indicators.

Hibernacula Habitat Towers and biodiversity at St Alphage gardens