residential green roof installations

Residential Green Roof Installations

As well as large scale infrastructure greening projects we are carrying out an increasing number of residential living roof installations.

Whether we are retro-fitting an existing building or on a new extension to a property, we can add a green roof.

Here are two examples of new residential builds which we have recently installed green roofs onto.

Sedum Green Roof in Oxford: 

residential modular green roof Oxford

This was an installation using sedum green roof modular tray system.

We had to manually carry up all the materials and individual sedum trays to the roof via a tower scaffold meaning we had our work cut out for the day.

The end result is 300 sqm of vegetation on a striking modern build in Oxford.

Wildflower residential green roof in Sevenoaks:

For this living roof  installation we used a lindum turf system consisting of a variety of wildflowers for a vibrant and colourful display each spring.

This roof will look great in the coming months amongst set against the surrounding kent countryside.

green residential roof installation Sevenoaks

drainage and substrate layer being installed

green residential roof install Sevenoaks

Lindum Turf with Wildflower mix