blue roof drainage solution

A blue roof is a non-vegetated or semi-vegetated roof design that is intended to detain and control the flow of stormwater or persistent rainfall. According to the National Federation of Roofing Contractors:

A Blue Roof is a Flat Roof, designed to allow controlled attenuation of rain fall during heavy and storm events as part of a Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) good practise policy, replicating the natural environment or improving the as built environment. A Blue Roof will treat and release the water at a managed and controlled rate directly into the sewers waterways and river systems.

Blue roofs are less costly than green roofs and can be applied to areas where green roofs are not sustainable. Blue roofs that are used for temporary rooftop storage can be classified as “active” or “passive” depending on the types of control devices used to regulate drainage of water from the roof. A number of blue roof pilot projects have been implemented around the UK. Blue roofs are sometimes referred to as automated roof runoff management systems.

Utilising some of the latest Super Absorbent Fibre roofing material we can provide sustainability benefits through major reductions in rainwater runoff to rooftop cooling.

Some Benefits of Blue Roofs:

  • Management of storm water at source
  • Potential habitat replacement and enhancement
  • Potential to create valuable amenity spaces
  • Contributes towards certified sustainability targets
  • Protection to existing waterproofing systems extending overall design life
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Robust long life materials

NRFC Blue Roof Technical Guidance

Please refer to this document for some more information on blue roofs

NFRC Blue Roofs Technical Guidance