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There are many types of green roofs and roof gardens. These include intensive (roof gardens), and extensive (low maintenance green roofs) including Sedum roofs and bio-diverse roofs. We can advise of the most appropriate type of green roof for your building, whether it is a new build or retro-fit.  Our expert team make sure that every roof is designed to meet your functional and aesthetic requirements. This is achieved using the best quality materials and vegetation.

Raising Your Corporate Environmental Standards with a Green Roof System.

Green roofs are a recognised way to address corporate sustainability at the same time as raising environmental standards, saving money and even improving staff health.

Green roof installations

Some of the ways a green roof achieves this are:

  • Providing better thermal insulation.
  • Acoustic insulation.
  • Lower energy bills.
  • Improving air quality.
  • Alleviate storm water management problems.

At TUGC we specify and use a number of different green roof systems to accommodate the simple fact that every green roof installation is different. We will make a decision based on the scope and requirements of the project and after discussion with the customer to ensure all needs are met. We use the highest quality Sedum grass and plants to ensure your green roof will thrive long after our work is finished and all our installations use industry recognised processes and materials.


Green roof code

The GRO Green Roof Code

The GRO Green Roof Code was devised by the Green Roof Organisation (GRO) to ensure that all green roofs constructed in the UK are installed to an acceptable standard. It was aimed at anyone who is involved with designing, specifying, installing or maintaining a green roof.

Living roofs and walls from policy to practice

Living Roofs and Walls – from policy to practice

Green roofs (living roofs) and green walls (living walls) have become the most obvious manifestation of urban greening in London.  This report is

“…a summary of the progress that has been made in mainstreaming green roofs and walls as a response to the challenges facing cities now and in the future. It also updates information about the benefits of green roofs and walls and highlights policy development in London and elsewhere which aims to encourage more urban greening to ensure the urban environment becomes greener, healthier and more resilient to the impacts of climate change…

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