Living wall and green wall installations

Living walls, or sometimes called “vertical gardens”, are a beautiful way to enhance your environment. They can bring a number of acknowledged benefits from creating green space to improving the air quality and the well being of your work or living area. No matter what your budget or scale The Urban Greening Company can design, install and maintain a stunning living wall for you, inside or out.

There are a number of green or Living wall types available:

Living Wall Climbing Facades

Living WallsThe most straight forward or traditional method to create a living wall is through the use of climbers and creepers. Just as has been the case for hundreds of years, a selection of climbing plants rooted or planted at the foot of a wall will climb or creep up and across it. In the modern world this process is often assisted by the addition of wire or timber frames and mesh systems.

Modular Soil Free Living Walls

By their nature soil free, or Hydroponic, living or green walls are a more sophisticated system of planting than climbing facade walls. Despite this in the long term they offer a much more flexible system in both function and style.

Modular Soil Based Living Walls

Usually Modular soil based Walls involve the use of troughs or containers combined to form a structure. This is then attached to the external wall to be greened. The planting itself involves the use of soil and substrate much like the ones used in a green roof installation.

Benefits of a Living Wall

  • Improved work rates & productivity by creating a positive relaxed environment
  • Reduced noise levels and softened acoustics
  • A Green modern image for you or your business
  • Improved air quality
  • Increase in property value and sell-ability

You can read more about the benefits of Living or Green Walls, or just general some more general info at or alternatively Contact us for advice on design, installation and maintenance of corporate Living walls, wall gardens, exterior green walls, internal green walls and domestic living art installations.

Living Roofs and Walls – from policy to practice

Living roofs and walls from policy to practise

Green roofs (living roofs) and green walls (living walls) have become the most obvious manifestation of urban greening in London.  This report is

“…a summary of the progress that has been made in mainstreaming green roofs and walls as a response to the challenges facing cities now and in the future. It also updates information about the benefits of green roofs and walls and highlights policy development in London and elsewhere which aims to encourage more urban greening to ensure the urban environment becomes greener, healthier and more resilient to the impacts of climate change…

Download in PDF format from