This was a Green Roof restoration project on a 45 degree pitched green roof which had failed due to structural deficiencies.

It was one of the toughest projects we have undertaken but very rewarding once completed.

We were originally approached to investigate the cause of the problem. Once we had carried out the investigation the task was to reinstate the green roof in accordance with manufacturer guidelines.

Sadly this was an example of a poor green roof installation by the original installers and proves why it pays to get the design and installation correct first time.

Green Roof restoration project

the team stripping the original green roof

sills piled up to be recycled and used again

The first stage of this green roof restoration project meant stripping the original green roof over the course of 1 week.

As many materials that could be recycled as possible were put to one side ready for when we reinstated the roof.

The recycled sills and beams were then carefully placed back onto the roof upon our return.

Green Roof restoration project

brand new fleece and recycled sills and beams

Substrate then had to be refilled into each segment of the roof and enough coverage for the sedum to take hold.

substrate being infilled

The final and most rewarding part of the job was laying the sedum down. This however was not an easy task, carefully placing each sedum roll on this 45 degree pitch.

We pinned the each sedum roll in place for extra support until the vegetation starts to take hold again.

Green Roof restoration project

pleased with the results

Green Roof restoration project

The roof looking green again