Urban Greening Services

Green Infrastructure Installation and Maintenance

The Urban Greening Company has over 60 years combined experience of urban greening services; installing green roof systems, living walls, rain garden and other green
infrastructure features from domestic sites to some of the largest projects in the country.

As part of our installation programs we also offer maintenance packages on every sort of green roof across the whole UK.

Green roofs require some maintenance to ensure that the original species selected establish and thrive.

In all cases please contact us for more information.

Urban Greening Services Consultancy

The Urban Greening Company is able to provide planning, design and consultancy services relating to urban greening and green infrastructure, including:

• Green roof design and specification
• Living wall design and specification
• Planting for biodiversity
• Specification of growing media
• Planning and design of rain gardens, blue roofs and other sustainable drainage features
• Integration of green infrastructure functionality
• Urban greening and eco management plans
• Troubleshooting green installations, including restoration, repair and replanting