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Living Tables by TUGC

Living Tables by TUGC. Here at the urban greening company we create living tables to brighten up a range of environments such as offices, restaurants or living spaces.

Below are some images from our recent photoshoot at Rick Stein’s restaurant in Sandbanks. A variety of indoor plants can be used in these living tables. The biophilic design increases mental wellness and can help to reduce stress. The vibrant, striking colours will add plenty of colour to any space.

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Green roof maintenance example

Green roof maintenance is often overlooked. People either think their green roof simply doesn’t need TLC or green roofs can be just be neglected.

Another common belief when a green roof is struggling is that it is simply a lost cause. Fear NOT.

At TUGC we recommend carrying out maintenance on a bi-annual basis.

Below is an example of a green roof we maintain and the difference before and after maintenance.

  • Improve and protect your asset
  • Maintain high quality vegetation
  • Keep vegetation healthy
  • Remove dry and dead thatch to reduce fire risk
  • Keep drainage channels clear
  • Maintain water attenuation to reduce flood risk
  • Improve valuable wildlife habitat areas
  • Inspect drainage outlets and other roof features such as PV panels
Green roof maintenance example

before maintenance

Green roof maintenance example

after maintenance

Bermondsey green wall provides a swathe of green in heart of London

A 10 metre high living wall has helped enhance a wooden decked courtyard area at three storey flat conversion in the centre of the historic leather market in Bermondsey, London.

The 30 sq.m. wall containing 1500 plants offering colour and depth in a tight compact space.

We regularly maintain this wall keeping it in good shape all year round.

Living wall at Bermondsey residence

Living wall at Bermondsey London  with the shard in the distance.

Rubens Hotel Maintenance visit

We have been maintaining this exterior living wall at one of Londons top hotels The Rubens Hotel next to Buckingham Palace for 5 years now.

Rubens Hotel Maintenance visit

The boys scaling the living wall.




Our Bi-annual visits see the wall given a good haircut. We also install new plants with each visit to maintain the walls striking presence. Located in one of the busiest areas of London. This beautiful living wall is seen by thousands of people every day.

The cradle is built and dismantled on each of the three sections of the wall. This provides us with safe access and enables us to gain maximum coverage each day.

Our ongoing Maintenance has created a lush and thriving living wall. As a result we are helping combat London’s noise and air pollution levels.

Bio-solar roof to benefit Social Housing

A multi-million pound re-development in Notting Hill, London receiving a re-vamp of social housing. Working for Pavehall Plc on this interesting bio-solar roof project.

Bio-solar roof to benefit Social Housing

Substrate being distributed beneath the solar panels.


The roof ready for plug planting.









We installed four separate bio-solar roofs of approximately 600 sq.m. that will deliver low-cost green energy.

Our installation will benefit hundreds of tenants in this busy area of West London.

This project includes two core bio-diverse roof areas with over 3000 plug plants of multiple varieties.

Bio-solar roof to benefit Social Housing

A variety of plant species including wild strawberries

Bio-solar roof to benefit Social Housing

The sedum flowering on the wing roofs








We also greened a further two wing roofs of approximately 200 m2 consisting of solar panels and sedum mat.

The sedum is already established and attracting pollinators into a busy urban area showing our hard work has paid off.



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