The Urban Greening Company

The Urban Greening Company

The Urban Greening Company specialise in bringing soil, water and vegetation to our grey towns and cities, including unused roofs, walls and pavements and was formed to provide integrated urban green infrastructure planning, design, installation and maintenance services.  We have brought together industry experts and a skilled and experienced workforce in order to achieve this.

The Urban Greening Company creates biodiverse habitats and helps to protect against flood and the urban heat island effect using the latest in urban architecture solutions.

Our experience of habitat creation, sustainable drainage, green roofs and living walls makes the Urban Greening Company unrivalled in the industry.

About The Urban Greening Company

Our Philosophy

We understand how green urban infrastructure elements work together to provide a wide range of benefits and we are committed to working with our clients to create more biodiverse and water-sensitive environments that are better for people.

Our urban greening services include:

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