June eco and green roof news

Eco Project Review June 2022

We have been busy this June with a number of maintenance visits. Green roofs and wildflower plantings are in full bloom and the biodiversity is abundant for all to see. In our Eco Project Review June 2022 you will find a roundup of some of the highlights.

Special Needs Green Roof Maintenance

We have been in Southampton this week carrying out maintenance on a wildflower meadow green roof we installed about 3 years ago at a special needs school in Southampton.

We were asked to further enhance the flourishing wildflowers with some plug plants and a bespoke green roof seed mix to further encourage biodiversity on the installation.

You can read a bit more about this rewarding project in a dedicated news article here: Special Needs Green Roof  which has a stunning gallery and video to view with it.

Bank of China Green Roof – London.

We carried out a bi-annual maintenance visit to our client The Bank of China this month. This was a large green roof we restored last year from a poor condition and you can see the spectacular results of our efforts.

Green roofs are a recognised way to address corporate sustainability at the same time as raising environmental standards, saving money and even improving staff health.

Some of the ways a green roof achieves this are:

  • Providing better thermal insulation.
  • Acoustic insulation.
  • Lower energy bills.
  • Improving air quality.
  • Alleviate storm water management problems.

The client is very pleased with our work!

Green Wildflower Roof Maintenance – Sheffield.

We headed North and carried out the maintenance on a beautiful wildflower roof in Sheffield later in the month. There were so many bees loving life on this roof, it really was lovely to see.

The “management” of a biodiverse type green roof very much depends upon what the client requires. It can be managed more heavily to produce a controlled “wildflower meadow” type environment. Less management input can lead to the development of vegetation which progresses naturally relating to the prevailing conditions and local environment.

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