green roof at Barnstaple Hospital

Revisiting Barnstaple Hospital’s Green Roof

We like to stress the importance of regular maintenance vists after a green roof has been installed and it is probably difficult for some people to appreciate the importance when looking at their freshly installed lush green roof. However the importance and impact of these visits is often clear to see, and none more so than at Barnstaple Hospital Trust’s Seamoor Cancer unit in Devon where the green sedum roof provides better insulation and improved water retention than a traditional roof, as well as a stunning habitat for all manner of wildlife.

Sedum roofs like this, whilst needing little maintenance to thrive, can appear wild and a little uncared for quicker than a traditional lawn or green roof, with weeds and other invasive growers standing out quite prominantly. Regular green roof inspections also help catch and prevent problems with the roof and its structure.  After regular maintenance over the last 8 years the green Sedum living roof at Barnstaple Hospital continues to thrive and bring joy. A clear example of the importance and benefit of regular maintenance visits.

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