Rolls Royce green roof Chichester

New Green Roof Installation at State of the Art Rolls Royce Plant

Contractors Balfour Beatty approached us to oversee the installation of a green roof on the Rolls Royce plant at Chichester where work was being carried out to increase the size and capacity of the manufacturing area – some 25002m in total.

This was a particularly challenging green roof project as we had to install the green roof substrate by way of a silo tanker. This is the most efficient way of blowing substrate onto the roof and is commonly used in Germany in lieu of a crane.

Once the green roof construction was completed, we Hydroseeded the roof using a purpose blended mix of seeds, plant cuttings and mulch.

This is another prestigeous example of the large scale commercial greening projects we can undertake.

Rollsroyce green roof substrate being hydroseeded
Silopump in use at Rolls Royce Green roof install
Rolls royce green roof