Green roof at Bradfor on Avon School

Pitched Green Roof Installation – Bradford-On-Avon

We were commisioned to install a large pitched green living roof in Bradford on Avon. The roof itself is over 500 SQM with a 30 degree angle.  The project was for a new seven classroom maths facility in Bradford-on Avon, Wiltshire within the heart of the school campus.

Careful consideration was given to the construction process to cause minimum disruption to the main school areas at all times. The design featured a flat and maximum pitched sloping sedum roof, which changes colour during the seasons creating a wonderful aesthetic to the school buildings as well as the biodiversity and greening benefits.

We used a We used a Zinco Floraset 75 pitched roof system for the installation. The stunning roof will also help keep everybody warm in the winter and cool in the summer.