The Green Roof Guide

green roof guide
A few years ago the City of Barcelona developed a Guide to Living Terrace Roofs and Green Roofs to help mitigate the effects of its increasing population density and provide a calmer, less poluted and more attractive environment. However, the insights provided in the guide are applicable universally and still relevant today and include tackling everything from Urban heat island effect to storm water run off.
The City Council is actively pushing for the conversion of roofs into green and functional areas. Terrace roofs which makeup more than 67% of the city’s rooftop area, often remain underutilised. This vast area, totaling over 1,700 hectares, presents an opportunity for transformation into vibrant living or green roofs, adorned with partial or complete plant coverage, providing both recreational spaces for citizens and obvious environmental benefits.
The comprehensive guide outlines the social and environmental advantages for both the city and its residents, addresses frequently asked questions, and offers technical guidance for selecting the most suitable terrace roof type for a building. It even describes the installation processes and requirements for green roofing and includes a comprehensive planting guide.
Whether for the creation of city allotments, private gardens, establishments like bars and restaurants, or additional spaces for institutions such as schools, the guide serves as a valuable resource for any Urban greening project. It proves beneficial for other cities contemplating the conversion of roof areas on municipal buildings and can inform strategies aimed at augmenting any city’s green space.
You can download a copy of the guide from the excellent C40 Knowledge Hub:
or directly from the Barcelona City Council site at:
Or contact the Urban Greening Company to discuss your Green roof or urban Greening plans. We have many decades’ experience implementing large and small scale urban greening solutions.
green roof guide

Barcelona’s Guide to Living Roofs and Green Roofs.